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A Tropical and Relaxing Retirement

You can live a relaxing and exciting lifestyle when you live and retire in the Philippines. And the real catch here is that living and retiring in the Philippines is also inexpensive. Expatriates from all over the world find a home in the islands, whether they are from the US, the UK or Australia. Enjoy the tropical climate and live among friendly people during your golden years. Cyclones pass by from time to time, but it has never discouraged Americans to live in the Philippines’ gulf coast! Indeed, you’ll be living like a king in the Republic of the Philippines, that’s why it is also the favorite retirement destination of retired US military personnel. Thousands of these people have decided to live the “Philippines dream”. Many Americans and other retired servicemen have been living a comfortable life in this country.

If it’s a tropical retirement you’re looking for, you can find more information about suitable islands. Your pension and retirement savings will go a long way in the Philippines. A $500-a-month budget would suffice for a decent and comfortable life in a rural province. If you’ve chosen to retire in the Visayas, you’ll be near to the paradise beaches of Boracay and the exciting city lifestyle in Cebu. In Mindanao, you can opt to retire in Davao or Puerto Galera in Mindoro. You can live well in these places with a $1,000 budget every month. If it’s a higher standard of living that you want, you can settle and make your home in the Luzon island. You’ll find the Philippine’s capital city there, the exciting Manila or Subic Bay. Have fun in Angeles City, the entertainment center where you could lavish yourself with only a $1,500 monthly budget.

It’s normal in the Philippine culture to have maids, cooks, housekeepers and drivers. You can hire domestic helpers for only $30 a month.

Main Attractions In The Philippines

What are the main attractions of living and retiring in the Philippines?

  • Golf
  • Scuba Diving
  • Great Beaches
  • Camping
  • Boating/ Fishing
  • Movies
  • Night Clubbing
  • Bar Hopping
  • Restaurants
  • Affordable Accommodation
  • Modern Shopping Malls

Two Favorite Retirement Destinations In The Philippines

Angeles City Accommodation (Pampanga Province). This city was formerly the location of the USAF base at Clark Field. It’s a popular retirement destination for many American expats. You can avail of varied accommodations in Angeles City such as condos, apartments, villas and hotel residences. Some of these places have pools and are situated in secure and safe compounds.

In Manila, you can make your home in comfortable and luxurious apartments and condos. Your other options are plush residential hotels and houses and villas. Choose according to what suits your budget. Give time for yourself to adjust in your new home and neighborhood. For a start, you can opt for vacation rentals. It’s a lot cheaper. In Manila Bay, for instance, you can check out the high-rise Baywatch Tower. A $500 a month rent could afford you a one-bedroom condo with centralized air-conditioning, marble floors, a fitted kitchen and a balcony with waterfront views. It’s also accessible to major entertainment locations and other important establishments such as the Mall of Asia, Casino Filipino, Robinson’s Mall, the US Embassy, the Manila Yacht Club and seaside restaurants. Condominiums in Metro Manila typically have swimming pools, gyms, saunas, restaurants and laundry for their tenants.

Angeles City in Pampanga and Metro Manila are two of the favorite retirement destinations in the Philippines. Your hard-earned money from years of work can have you living like a king if you live and retire in the Philippines.